Cooking, Eating, Blogging – thrice the fun I’ve ever had.

It all started with my love for food and my friends saying “You know what? You should have a blog!” I thought it was a great idea too. But being the procrastinator that I am, I acted on it months of them nagging me.

Although I am new to the blogging world, it wasn’t difficult to figure out how to go about it. This blog is all about food – recipes, cooking tips, where to eat in Mumbai, what to try out everything ranging from savoury dishes to the most delectable desserts as well as from good restaurants to the awesomest ‘khau gallis‘ (Food Streets) of Mumbai.

I have always had a thing for cooking, sometimes trying out versions of what I see on “Masterchef Australia”. Yes, specifically Australia. Nothing else. Or even from Nigella’s Kitchen and Martha Stewart. And when it comes to Indian cooking, Aditya Bal’s ‘Chakhle India’ is a very good option. It doesn’t necessarily have to be TV shows, but also recipes from here and there or Mum’s cookbooks. But all these years, I never once thought of posting anything online (A mistake, sigh!) Nevertheless, it means more cooking to in order to put it up.

Cooking, Eating, Blogging – thrice the fun I’ve ever had.